Friday, January 10, 2003

Whether u realise it or not, theres a lot of everyday sentence that we use and said without knowing that it isnt the correct ones. Some are pretty obvious but some are not what we think was a mistakes.

Here are some of those:
1) Tonite im going to 'see show' at Lido.

2) Do you want to 'follow' me to go shooping?

3) My husband 'send' me to work just now.

4) I 'drop' at the bus stop before the traffic light junction.

5) Quick, i need to 'go back' early.

6) Where you usually 'cut' your hair?

I can only think these at the moment and i do believe there are more that you can think of.

Got to rush now because going jogging and the past 1 week had done a total of 13 km. Finally manage to see the reduce in the tyres at my tummy area.SEE YA!!

Monday, January 06, 2003

Today is the 1st of my 4 days course at the Civil Service College at Bouna Vista.I was nominated to attend 'Speaking With Poise' by my career counsellor supervisor.Having to work from 9am to 5pm for 4 straight days can be taxing to me as im already so used to 12-hour shifts and a lot of adjustment need to be done to the body sytsem.The most significant is my sleeping pattern.I have to wake up in the morning for 4 straight days!!!Thats a real torture, because under normal circumstances i only need to do so every 4 days.But on the brighter side, my 4 days meal will be absolutely FREE IN CHARGE as it will be absorbed by my employers.Only SPF officers attending courses at the college will be provided lunch.And they surely know our appetites best because only yummy dishes and delicacies are served. SPF life is about eat,eat and eat.Seminars,forum,exhibitions and other events never fail to provide free food for me.Hehehehe.Back to the course, it actually give me the chance to get along better with my colleagues, as before this we dont usually interact that much as we are in the different teams or bases.The lecturer is an ang moh middle - aged lady.On the scale of 1 to 10, i would give her 7 in terms of getting the participants open the ears and the eyes(u should know what i mean...:-)).And she have this tendency to release us for breaks on the dot but not earlier.Cant blame her for that as after all,shes a very nice and gentle lady and professional too.When i reach home,i had only 1 thing on my mind;to go jogging(read my short and not so sweet blog yesterday?)
Without further delay,change to my shorts and tshirt and grab my running shoes before i change my mind.Off i go to my usual route at Jurong West.Manage to do about 4.5km non stop in 26 minutes.Not bad yeah!What a sigh of relief after it was over and i walk home to recover myself.It always feel very very refreshing after u do some physical exercise,(to some of my bros,u should try this hehehehe).Need to have a good rest now to start the day tomorrow with a fresh body and a sweet face..BUBBYE!!!!

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Why is my body slim but my tummy is humongeous?Y?Y?Y?